For Patients

Second Opinions & Referrals

A second opinion is an important part of becoming educated about your specific type of cancer and your cancer treatment options. The more knowledge you have, the better chance you have of receiving the most appropriate treatment during your cancer journey. There are normally several treatment options available, many of which involve complicated procedures. Second opinions can help you understand these options and help you make an informed decision regarding your personal cancer treatment plan.

Second opinions are a normal part of cancer management, so you shouldn’t worry about offending the original oncologist. Your peace of mind is important, and a second opinion can give you the reassurance you need to make the best decision about your treatment plan.

Often times, a second opinion appointment regarding cancer treatment will be covered by your insurance provider. Some many even insist on it. Please be sure to check with your provider to get the most accurate information for your specific situation and what your insurance covers.

The cancer specialist at Hope Cancer Center are available for patient consultations, including second opinions. If you are interested in getting a second opinion from us, please speak with your current medical provider to set up the referral.